i will answer all questions, but this site WILL remain anonymous. i have been into BDSM since i was about 15, but didn't start to participate until i got over the stigma and fear (around 18). i'm 23, i'm a college graduate with a degree in graphic design that i'll never use! if You want to know more? interrogate(ask)me. ((i am currently collared by the wonderful Master John.)) to the real life Friends i have blessed/cursed with access to and or knowledge of this page: i'm sorry? if it effects how You feel about me stop coming? :/ idk)) rapedollie.angelina

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6:45 PM
September 19th, 2012
rape fantasy 101.
<3,rapedollie.angelina((post script: please, please, ask me things, please.))   

rape fantasy 101.

((post script: please, please, ask me things, please.))   

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